Zoom and Livestreams

Instructions for downloading and using Zoom.
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Downloading Zoom

Zoom is well-used by millions of people. It is best to use their support if you are having any issues. Make sure you have the newest version of Zoom. Download Zoom (it's Free) Here Additional Helpful Videos

Accessing Livestreams/Stages

When you have Zoom on your computer and you click on a Zoom link (they usually look something like this: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/-------), your computer should ask if you want to open it up in Zoom, like this: The same will happen after you are logged in to the Nothing Conference website (when the...

Asking a Question During a Livestream (Q&A)

The Chat and Raise Hand functions will not be used during the Livestreams. We'll use Q&A, instead. To ask a question of a Speaker Click on the Q&A button at the bottom of your Zoom screen. Then type your question into the Question and Answer window. Mosio Q&A questions will be presented at the end...